P6290667_800x600In MIMIS LTD we have modern facilities with a view to processing quality of our products throughout the duration of the treatment process and standards, which is our competitive advantage. Οur infrastructure includeσ:

MODERN UNIT of processing, sorting, packing and standardization of citrus. The unit consists of precooling and cooling chambers, citrus sorting machinery, electronic and high-efficiency packaging machinery that can net a variety of information and print bar code (BarCode).

Privately Owned farmland producing annually:

  • 2000 tons of Navalines
  • 500 tons of Valentzia
  • 500 tons of Grape fruit
  • 200 tons of Ortanik
  • 200 tons of Klimentines

QUALITY SYSTEM that meets the requirements of ISO 99000 and registered in METRON CERT as a quality system.

PACKAGING that meet all standards of hygiene and quality in accordance with existing legislation

MACHINE for washing and disinfecting plastic pallets.

COOLER-TRUCK to transport our products












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May 26, 2013
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